Ghost Tail – Hide Away

Ghost Tail – Hide Away

Ghost Tail is an LA-based dreampop-postpunk outfit that consists of Dove (vocals) and Shaun (guitars/programming), who share a love of 80’s band The Chameleons, old-school Goth, early dreampop and post-punk. Despite Ghost Tail not exactly representing the typical bedroompop sound, they did however, record and produce everything in the garage of Dove‘s father’s house.

On May 14th they will release their debut EP A Haunting for which pre-order is already up on Bandcamp and the single Hide Away is already live for streaming as we speak. Hide Away instantly immerses us deeply in the melancholy Chameleons-sound, with its echoey guitars and a gloomy postpunk bass swirling along cathedral halls. The chorus however, sparkles brightly: soaring and lifting us up to more luminous stained-glass spires. Dove‘s vocals eerily resemble those of Mark Burgess at times, although they are pushed back a bit more, the shoegaze way.

Ghost Tail tells us a bit about their music: “We try as hard as we can to stay away from any sort of lo-fi limitations and Shaun considers producing an additional instrument he “plays”. The songs on A Haunting are Romantic in nature, but also evoke elements of the supernatural and of angst, as well as etherealness. Dove calls this a “winning” formula, as all his favorite music touches on these aspects. We are influenced by a wide array of music from the Chameleons and Sad Lovers & Giants to Aztec Camera, 50s and 60s Latin Jazz, early hardcore punk, neoclassical darkwave, and pretty much anything else that is out of the pop-mainstream. We, like most musicians, don’t like to pigeonhole ourselves with labels… but there is something both dreamy as well as anxious in the the music we make.”

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