New Candys – Begin Again

New Candys – Begin Again

Oh, didn’t my ears prick up quickly when this not so little beauty dragged me out of my daily descent into existential despair!

Sound effects, wind metamorphosising into the sound of a train? No matter, it works, gently leading us into a deceptively low-key strum and drone, soon to be joined by a chiming guitar figure that encircles you and doesn’t let go. All underpinned by bass that insinuates, gently pushing and probing at the corners of the song.

Thank you to the New Candys for allowing me to justifiably use words such as majestic and dreamlike, often trotted out by rote but entirely appropriate here.
Begin Again aspires to the cinematic and achieves it’s moderately grandiose aims convincingly. Repetition can be painful when misjudged, but here it works beautifully, musical themes weaving in and out, vocals hanging back, a secondary part of the whole. 

New Candys are from Venice, who knows what influences location may have (coming from, say, Scunthorpe just doesn’t have the same implied glamour, no offence to the population of Scunthorpe of course) but they seem to exist on the very borderline of post-punk and shoegaze, one bleeding into the other and vice versa. It’s a position they hold very well, artwork and forthcoming album title (Vyvyd – out in June) hint not so subtly at psych influences, but it’s very much a modern take not some cobwebbed antique version steeped in patchouli oil…

As we know all too well, this is a musical world of fine lines where many fail and fall into yet more derivative mediocrity (sadly not something we will ever run out of), but four albums down the line New Candys seem to know what they’re doing. 

Some of you may feel a shiver down the spine when I mention The Chameleons, a band whose name comes up every now and then, tossed around as an influence, sadly the results rarely justify the name-drop. New Candys don’t take such, in vain, liberties but they do conjure up the chiming twin guitar beauty Dave Fielding and Reg Smithies seemed to spin out of thin air in those long lost halcyon days. Praise doesn’t really come much higher than that in my world.

I love being able to say: It’s all about the guitars, pile them on and give me more when they sweep and sigh like this.

Despite the fact that New Candys hail from Venice/Italy, the video, directed by Ivana Smudja, is set in The Netherlands, starring Dutch Eva Julia van Drimmelen and Joris Ruijzenaars.

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