Missing Image – Lemon Tree

Missing Image – Lemon Tree

I have to confess, Kirk Bentley has done a lot of my ‘work’ for me and, extra galling, in far few words than I would usually throw around…
Try being more clear or succinct in your aims than this: “Doing my best to make high quality independent music that’s weird, cool and makes your life a better thing”
Wow, that is a hell of a mission statement and kind of sums up a large part of what we’re looking for here!

There is, of course, a risk when you have such clear, distinct aims and apply them to the creation of something as ideally spontaneous as great music, that the result ends up coming across as over-thought and clinical, robbing your creation of the exact same qualities you were seeking. You know the kind of thing, those songs that leave you thinking, ‘this person must have a great record collection, lots of time and a really well equipped home studio…’

But guess what, Missing Image manage to avoid those pitfalls and have given us a song that faces the tough call of being happy but NOT cloying or annoying. A rarity, as many have said, effectively capturing an element of happiness in song seems much more challenging a task than accurately reflecting sadness. Maybe that says something about the paradox of human existence, but this isn’t philosophy 101 so let’s leave that hanging in the air…
To be more specific this is a song of release following an extended period of darkness, isolation and tension, celebrating the option of being able to say, ‘this time is ours, damn the schedule’. And really, don’t we all need that right now?

Lemon Tree glides in on a 12 string guitar riff, that I agree has a bit of the Dukes of Stratosphear about it (look at that, I avoided mentioning the Byrds!), introducing a song of clockwork precision full of hooks and replay revealing detail that guarantees zero tedium for every second of its concise 3:17 duration. I’d call it ‘jangle-psych’ but that would be over-stating the psychedelic elements, there’s maybe a little hint of Go-Betweens circa Streets of Your Town in its sense of sweet motion under wide open skies, check that guitar solo for a start. 

In the end I’m either smelling the flowers or feeling the excitement of knowing the deep blue sea, and all it promises, is just a street or two away. 
Maybe summer’s closer than we thought…

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