Calundé – Feathers

Calundé – Feathers

Some music shouts loudly at you, not necessarily in a literal sense, but more in the way it proclaims its greatness, and that’s fine in its place, but sometimes it’s nice to take the understated route. 

Feathers does just that and is gossamer light, carrying it’s impact with a low key modesty. 

But don’t let that fool you, this is a spine tingler alright.

Sparsely plucked spectral acoustic guitar, undercut by echoing stabs of electric, darting in and out. Whispered

Vocals float high above the melancholy action, cushioning the listener, softly breathing in and out.

Drums fall away leaving us high in the sky with a plaintive melody-line for company, then we’re back down in the action, guitar tugging at your heart before gently running out of road…

As a journey it packs a lot into a short trip.

It’s the first single from Dutch artist Calundé’s (Cas Erkeland) debut album.

I’m ready to hear more.

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