Maida Rose – Where Do We Go

Maida Rose – Where Do We Go

Maida Rose is a relatively new dreampop duo from The Hague, here in The Netherlands. The project is the outlet for the songwriting partnership of Roos Meijer and Javièr den Leeuw. Their second single: ‘Where Do We Go’, was released on March 19th as a follow up of their their debut single, ‘Harmony of Heartache’.

Fans of Beach House and Cigarettes After Sex will very definitely get something out of this. Mellow melodies and breathy vocals swirl around retro bass-lines setting the scene for dreamy faraway soundscapes, with enough variation to prevent the listener from dozing off.

The duo’s personal experiences of adolescence provided the themes for this collection of songs. Their unique musical bubble is the result of stories of love and depression mixed with dabs of other-worldliness.

As explained by Maida Rose: ‘The song takes place at the end of a long-term relationship, where the realisation starts to sink in that you need to rediscover who you are when not being with your partner anymore. It’s a phase of denial, after unsuccessful attempts to let your lover go.’ Though the sound and style of ‘Where Do We Go’ is a continuation from ‘Harmony of Heartache’, the band keeps building on their sound-identity, leaving us curious about what’s yet to come. Their forthcoming album is self-produced and is being prepared for an early 2022 release. 

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