Swansea Sound – Indies Of The World

Swansea Sound – Indies Of The World

We introduced Swansea Sound here in September last year when they released their first single “Corporate Indie Band“. Now they release a 3rd single named “Indies Of The World” accompanied by a proper limited edition 7-inch (and cassette), and a brandnew video. According to the Swansies (consisting of Hue Williams (Pooh Sticks), Amelia Fletcher (Heavenly, Talulah Gosh), Rob Pursey (Pooh Sticks, The Catenary Wires) and Ian Button (Thrashing Doves, Death In Vegas. Papernut Cambridge), “Indies of the World” is “a call to arms. Its aim is to revitalise the Global Pop Underground, making it strong enough to vanquish the corporate behemoth.

The video was made by Rob and Amelia, using the 7” single sleeve artwork by Welsh artist Catrin Saran James. The band recorded their parts using phones and cheap green screens, and asked some of their favorite indie friends to make an appearance and dance along with them. “Indies of the World” is for record-nerds, indie disco’s, underground radio shows, and DIY bloggers. It’s a fun project trying to bring indie back to indie: rebellious, defiant, lo-key and non-elitist. A project that makes use of our wonderful indie network of like-minded and talented people all over the world. The chorus is one of the most infectious ones I have heard in ages. A proper indie anthem as they used to make em…. This what indie was supposed to be. It makes you wonder: what the hell happened to it? What are we waiting for indeed?

Indies of the World” will be released simultaneously on 5 different Indie Labels of the World. There’s no need to buy an expensive import: SKEP WAX (UK), FORMOSA PUNK (Japan), HHBTM (US), LAVENDER SWEEP (Wales) and SHINY HAPPY RECORDS (Indonesia). The single won’t be released on Spotify, Apple Music or other “corporate streaming services”. Swansea Sound are currently preparing an album for release in Autumn 2021 .

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