Piper King – October Sun

Piper King – October Sun

Following the release of her debut single “My World” in January, Piper King worked hard to follow up with second single “October Sun“, a mellow jangly dreampop track that evokes lazy days in the sun but is also heavily drenched in melancholy and fleeting memories . “October Sun” premieres today (despite it being February) and deals with changes on a personal level in times of fast global changes.
Piper explains: “Have you ever moved to a new place you were really excited about? A fresh start and a new environment to thrive in? But then the world shifts and you suddenly become drenched in a river of nostalgia for your life before. Even though you still love your new life and the place you live, you can’t help but long for the people and life you left behind. Especially in a pandemic where you can’t go back to visit those who made a huge impact on your life and the place that shaped this critical period. I moved to California from Colorado right before the pandemic hit.

“Faces that I dreamt but when I woke up, they were all so real. I really don’t believe the life that was given to me— in a place so bleak and yet so bright”.

Piper King is a 23-year-old singer-songwriter, self-taught producer, opera singer, and music therapist based in Long Beach, CA. She writes, records, and produces all of her music as an independent artist. She has been writing music since she was 11, but only in September of 2020 did she begin taking music production seriously. Every day since she has been working hours outside of her full-time job to teach herself production and sound-engineering. Piper is a classically trained opera singer, who has a bachelor’s degree in music and is currently working as a board-certified music therapist. She will be releasing 2 more singles in the next few months, followed by an album named “BABY WOOOO” coming Summer 2021

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