FadeAwayRadiate Update 7

FadeAwayRadiate Update 7

No idea why but this week’s vibes seem to be very sunny and danceable, which goes hand in hand with the improving weather, and better future prospects I guess. It could also be completely random and just down to my personal preferences. Odd but notable one to those week’s overall lightness is the new Blue Herons track which is called Endless Rain. I was incredibly pleased to find the golden splendour of Laure Briard‘s Bossa Nova and the dusky glow of Kim Weldin‘s Shiny Times’s dreampop project.

French singer-songwriter Laure Briard met Brazilian band the Boogarins in 2017 at the SXSW festival and now released their 2nd EP “Eu Voo” February 19, 2021 via Midnight Special Records.
Laure Briard – Eu Voo:

Tape Waves singer Kim Hart Weldin just released a collection of tracks from her gorgeous solo project Shiny Times. I think this shimmery project needs far more support and recognition. It’s perfect, perfect lofi dreampop.
Shiny Times – Spiral Notebook:

The Blue Herons are Andy Jossi (The Churchhill Garden, The Serpent Garden)and Gretchen DeVault (The Icicles, The Francine Odysseys)release their 2nd postpunky-jangle single Endless Rain today.
The Blue Herons – Endless Rain

Philadelphia’s premier Bat Mitzvah and Quincenera party band release a split EP with Japanese Pictured Resort to come up with a very 80’s retro pop sound!

Australian Cliff started making electronic music at the age of 14 focusing on the guitar/indie in early 2010s. After years of playing with Australia’s biggest indie rock bands, Cliff returns to producing, blending the driving grooves of electronic music with the guitar-based indie.
Cliffdive – Dice:

I am an 18 year old instrumentalist and songwriter from Oklahoma City, how according to himself is “just vibin and makin music I think is dope”. Chilly Daytime Disco!
 Josh Fudge – Feel Like:

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