Fadeawayradiate Update 1

Fadeawayradiate Update 1

Since we get quite a few submissions but cannot take everything on, or can’t for whatever reason do a complete write-up, we decided to make a weekly recommendations list from January the 15th onwards. The list will be here on the blog, but also on The Soundcloud page soon enough! This way, we can give a lot more songs that we consider worth listening to, a shout out. Hope you will enjoy the new feature and that, despite it not starting out as the best, 2021 will be a better year!

This week, new releases from Stereolab, Ruby Haunt, Origami Phase, Wa’el & TOVE, Dream People, Juno Roome and Isla Invisible.

This band needs no introduction! Happy to have our supergroup back!
Stereolab – Dimension M2:

We share a third track by the very prolific Wa’el from Sweden, accompanied by the lovely Tove. His best so far!
Wa’el & TOVE – Summer Day

Beautiful, atmospheric lofi bedroompop at its best! Inspired by the Forever Chemicals scandal / BLM movement.
Juno RoomeCapitol:

Fresh material from our all time favourite dreampop act Ruby Haunt
Ruby Haunt – Reverse Creek:

Origami Phase is a combination of lush vocal harmonies, sonic shoegaze, and hypnotic dreampop.
Origami Phase Amethyst:

A happy sad song, that combines an upbeat 80’s vibe with melancholic lyrics.
Dreampeople – People Think:

 “Estranged” is a laid back slice of jangle pop with breezy acoustic guitars and hushed vocals reminiscent of Mazzy Star
Isla InvisbleEstranged:

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