Wa’el – Come by and We’ll Talk All Night

We introduced Wa’el, a Swedish multi-instrumental bedroom-pop artist, here last September when he released his debut single “I Love You Why Would I Ever Leave?”. He recently released a second single called “Come by and We’ll Talk All Night“. Where “I Love You Why Would I Ever Leave?” was a dreamy, soft track, “Come by and We’ll Talk All Night” is much more danceable, and electronic in nature. Daytime Disco along the lines of acts like Roosevelt, Washed Out and Parcels, with some traces of yacht rock a la Geyster. Wa’el has been writing music for several projects, amongst which the band Mauv. Transitioning away from a indie-rock phase, he has recently moved towards a more psych/electro/dream-pop sound. He is planning to release a range of solo singles in the times to come.

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