Blue Arcade – Hello Yellow

Blue Arcade – Hello Yellow

I hate the Internet, or to be more accurate, what we’ve done with it… But then a link to a happy sad gem like Hello Yellow pops into my inbox, (ok actually it got caught in my spam folder, but you get my drift… ) and I realise although it enables lying despots to spread monetised misinformation across the world and has irretrievably, involuntarily reshaped our existence, you know it’s not ALL bad…

Melbourne’s Blue Arcade score an instant hit with a breathless rush of a song that positively screams Power Corruption and Lies era New Order but doesn’t care because this is the here and now and they’ve made it their own rather than give us a pointless pastiche. I wonder, if I didn’t know they hail from Australian shores, would I still think I can hear just a little hint of Go Betweens style jangle in there? Clearly not a bad thing, especially when combined with Eva van Dijk‘s cool Harriet Wheeler channelling vocals.

I could mainline this melancholy high all day if I didn’t have annoying things like work to do. In fact it’s a slight disappointment when the sweetly bruised coda abruptly vanishes via a sting in the tail effect that I won’t spoil in advance. It leaves you dreaming of the possibilities for additional bliss that an old school extended twelve inch mix would bring.

Blue Arcade sum up the prevailing mood well: ‘discouraged, but hopeful’. It seems a reasonable response to the world as it is and Hello Yellow is a considerably more than reasonable soundtrack.

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