Abe Anderson – Pushing Me Under

Cannon Falls-based musician Abe Anderson makes and produces songs in his garage studio. We introduced him on here in November with his single “Love You More“. Besides producing music for others Anderson is also the recording wizard for the projects Thank You, Iā€™m Sorry and party punk trio Niiice, but luckily, he saves much of his best work for himself.

He has released a steady string of singles that have threaded the needle between lo-fi, pop punk, shoegaze, and new wave, with each new song revealing another facet of Anderson‘s sounds. Whereas ā€œLove You More,ā€ was a more dreamy, jangly track, Pushing Me Under is a kick-ass, upbeat indie stomper along the lines of surfy dream-poppers like Daywave, Surf Rock is Dead, Beach Fossils etc. I am not going to make the Niiice joke again, but can’t deny it is… indeed…very… pleasant!

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