The Churchill Garden – Reality

The Churchill Garden – Reality

Today, following the release their first double vinyl record, shoegaze/dreampop duo The Churchhill Garden, is releasing their single, “Reality“. We are normally treated to the more cathedral-esque Slowdivean landscapes by the duo, but this time they come out with a refreshed, more poppy and upbeat sound that is strongly reminiscent of LushSplit era. Personally, I would prefer to hear them do more of this sort of thing, as Krissy‘s voice (known for its angelic quality) is also perfectly cut out to do something more bouncy and vigorous like this. This song will not only appeal to fans of shoegaze bands such as Lush and The Boo Radleys but also bands of the more pop/jangle variety like The Primitives and The Sundays.

Krissy: “Reality” was inspired by the feeling that happens when someone is waking up from a dream that felt so real, is still in a delirious in between state, where they are trying to decipher what was a dream and what is reality. Having a hard time accepting that it’s not their reality, they quickly close their eyes and try to fall back into dreaming, hoping to pick up where they left off and continue on in that moment.”

Andy: “I was inspired as I was playing my 12-string Rickenbacker and testing out how it sounded with reverb and chorus. The melodies came pretty quickly to me, so I just followed the flow and was able to string this song together in a matter of hours.”

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