Subsonic Eye -Unearth

Subsonic Eye -Unearth

Five-piece Singapore-based indie band Subsonic Eye release single “Unearth” today. “Unearth” is the lead single and closing track from Subsonic Eye‘s third full-length release, Nature Of Things – due on January 15th. It’s a dynamic feat of noisy indiepop with various signature/tempo changes and dreamy tones. This particular style reminds me strongly of 90’s shoegaze bands like Swervedriver and The Belltower (Lost In Hollow!), which, I have to say is never a bad thing, as they were a few of the more interesting band from this era.

The video was made by American illustrator-animator Arius Ziaee, who created, according to the band, “a Lorax-esque story of gentrification and ecological destruction mirrors and interprets vocalist Nur Wahidah’s mindscapes through looping tapestries of unreal, fantastical colours. Insistent yet downtrodden guitar figures introduce a sprawling vista, emerging as the subject of an existential anxiety.”

The full album, Nature of Things will be released on 15 January 2021, on cassette and all digital platforms via Middle Class Cigars and on Japanese pressing 12” vinyl courtesy of Fastcut Records. Preorders start 27 November at

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