KALI – Back To The Start

KALI is a 16-year-old singer, multi-instrumentalist and bedroompop producer who began writing and recording her indie-surf sounds with her first band Big Wednesday, who drew some teenage crowds to local Los Angeles venues like The Smell and The Viper Room. As she grew up, her more emotional and personal experiences made songwriting an actual necessity instead of something that was just fun. Her solo project KALI was born.

Her bubbly debut single, “Back to the Start” was released on November 12th. “Back to the Start” draws from KALI‘s daily life, referencing things her friends would say in lyrics and sampling phone conversations. The single contains parts that fit nicely into the bedroompop-girl niche, with dreampoppy guitar, and loungy vocals, but also an infectious riff and dynamic cadence that make it stand out comfortably from the herd. I can’t deny that it’s seems an amazing feat for a 16 year old. She’s adorable!

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