Faintlife – Abracadabra

Hailing from Chicago by way of Ohio, the trio of Sam Shaffer, Math Velasco and Robert Fowler have been releasing music the last five years under the guise of Faintlife. As so often is the case these days, the group began life as a home recording project and over time grew to become a fully fledged band. As the group gear up to release a new album in January 2021 we get our first taste of what’s to come with their new single “Abracadabra”.    

While its historical origins are uncertain, the word abracadabra in old Hebrew means “I create as I speak” and has been used across cultures in various magic incantations.  If only the creative process were so easy. Faintlife do an impressive job of weaving this mysterious nature of magic into the aural experience of the listener. There’s the hazy dream pop like vocals backed by their psych rock guitars and hints of shoegaze lurking in the background. There’s also an abundance of 60s style harmonies, Byrds jangle pop and organ that helps convey a tranquil undertone as well as enhance the overall spellbinding psychedelic atmosphere. While Faintlife wear their influences on their sleeves, it never feels overly derivative either. For fans of blissful psych rock, Faintlife are sure to hit the sweet spot with “Abracadabra”  and give fans of the genre something to look forward to come January.

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