Benedict – Finish The Wine

Benedict – Finish The Wine

In March, Amsterdam musician Martijn Smits debuted under the moniker Benedict with an album full of personal songs, partly about being a stabbing victim 20 years ago. This happening might have given shape to the project Benedict, but it’s hard to imagine he could have ever chosen a different path. With a head full of ideas and a stomach full of unresolved trauma, writing music kept making more sense than anything else. Smits even quit his conventional job. To experience Benedict live, is like a vintage cocktail of Mad Men and Twin Peaks with Lana Del Rey’s counterpart as your bartender. 

Today, the video for the song “Finish The Wine” sees the light of day. Benedict takes clearly his influences from bands like The National, Tindersticks and Nick Cave. “Finish The Wine” is perfect piece of chamber pop with a sophisticated alure, combined with the upbeat spirit of indie and Smits’ crooning vocals as the protagonist backed by some excellent brass, piano and cello arrangements. The songs really starts coming alive along the way, and it’s really cool to see the musicians to be so driven and into it in the video!

Martijn: “Finish The Wine is a Mrs Robinson of 2020 (theme from The Graduate).  The song tells the story of a young man having diner with a woman a little older than he is. The game is on, the diner is nice, they totally fall for each other but neither of them wants to show their cards. He willingly believes all her lies to get her into bed.”

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