Andrey Azizov – Back Of The Car

Andrey Azizov working as a graphic designer as well as music producer of indie electro music. For his forthcoming EP “Before It’s All Over“, he has been trying out an entirely different sound. The full project, will be out November 13. His brand-new single is the 2nd from the EP, and is named “Back of the Car” which according to Azizov “washes over you like the feeling of driving down a tree-lined road on a summer evening. It’s simplistic, but carries an overwhelming sense of peace and ease.

Back Of The Car” harbours breathy, delicate almost “twee” vocals (by a vocalist that is unmentioned) underpinned by airy, trancy 80’s synths and a grooving bassline. It’s an unusual combination but it really works! Chillwave at it’s best! Enjoy the ride….

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