Wa’el – I Love You Why Would I Ever Leave?

Wa’el – I Love You Why Would I Ever Leave?

Wa’el is a Swedish multi-instrumental bedroom-pop artist who has been writing music for several projects, most notably the band Mauv, who have been featured on different respectable music scenes such as Destroy//Exist and HYMN etc. Transitioning away from a indie-rock phase, he is now steering in the direction of a more psych/dream-pop natured sound. Succeeding quite nicely I would say with this, his first release.

I Love You Why Would I Ever Leave?” is his first ever single as a solo artist. It’s a “builder” that grows on the ears, waxing along from a steady but intricate beat-base, to a dreamscape full of soft sounds and heavenly harmonies.

This is only the first song of a soon to be recorded EP that Wa’el is working on during the next 2 months or so. Wa’el: “The plan is to, at some point during the winter, also lock myself in my apartment for a week or two and also write an entire album, mostly inspired by the currents album from Tame Impala and Rheya“. Thus, more next year from Wa’el!

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