Deja Blu – Crystal Eternal

Deja Blu – Crystal Eternal

Surrey-based dream-pop band Deja Blu release their new single ‘Crystal Eternal’ today, which will be the first of a series of singles to follow. ‘Crystal Eternal is a journey through mystical reveries adorned by singer Jasmine Reed’s angelic vocals, and backed by Benji O’Dell‘s ethereal production. Apart from the rather predictable, hazy soundscape in this type of classic cathedral sound, the track offers enough variation, beats and subtle synth-elements to keep the listener interested and sit the ride out. The sonic layers and high and lows create nice depth to the track, which isn’t something I can always say about the umpteemth Slowdive clone. A lot youngsters seem to be discovering 90s indie, and I have to say that some pull it off really well, adding new perspectives along the way.

Deja Blu come from the small town of Farnham/UK, were they met and formed their band as a result. Both have a love for ethereal dreampop sounds and take inspirations from dreampop veterans like Slowdive and Cocteau Twins, as well as more modern sounds like those of Beach House and the slightly more obscure Clams Casino. Blending these influences to shape their own sound, Deja Blu offers an escape to the grime and rut of our daily existence.

Deja Blu got some attention with their first 3 singles, including support from ITV’s This Morning, NTS Radio and BBC Introducing. They have also been working closely with DIY label Cosmic Sounds who have recently released a 7” Vinyl including their popular first single ‘Lake Song’.

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