Leila Sunier – Sober / Without

Leila Sunier – Sober / Without

The start of new single “Sober/Without”, by singer/songwriter Leila Sunier, is pretty deceptive. In the first 25 seconds we are led to believe that we are in for an introspective, acoustic indie/girl thing, but then it quickly and subtly fades into something more psychedelic, followed by an even less expected inundation of church organs, shimmery guitars and solid beats. The piece is beautifully composed and crammed with unexpected details. It’s almost like listening to a blend of The Cranberries (her voice), Churches and Grouper: spellbinding throughout its journey, and landing softly in swirling echoes of spritely harmonies.

Leila on the writing process of “Sober/Without” : “The opening lyric to this song was actually written while I was drunk.” She adds, “I was trying to play a song for my boyfriend, but I couldn’t figure out the chords or remember the tune. I told him, “I’ll figure it out when I’m sober. Immediately I had this ‘Aha!’ moment and wrote it down so I could return to the idea later.

Leila‘s music touches the peripheries of alternative rock, indie/folk-pop, and is influenced by the likes of Angel Olsen, Bright Eyes, and Joni Mitchell. After debut EP, “If Only To Bleed Out The White Noise”, the genre-b(l)ending continues on her forthcoming EP release, “Where Everything Is Perfect”, out on October 9, 2020.  Taster Sober/Without releases today, August 13th, 2020

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