French Alps Tiger – Let Me Down

When I get submissions I often hear songs that start out ok, or at least have me hooked, waiting for more to happen in the chorus. It often doesn’t happen. Of course, it’s not down to me to dictate inserting a “pick-up” chorus like in the olden days, but it’s oh so satisfying when it’s there. “Let Me Down“, the single released today by Welsh band French Alps Tiger, doesn’t let us down in this department. It’s a classic indiepop tune, with that anticipating gutsy and languid “don’t give a shit” aura in the verse and an almost anthemic, uplifting chorus like so many songs we loved and sang along to in the 90’s. It is graced by a defiant postpunky vox à la Pete Fjalkowski, a Curean bassline and adorned with swaying jangly guitar-lines with the warmth and melodicism reminiscent of bands like The Smiths, The Bardots, Adorable and Close Lobsters.

French Alps Tiger are comprised of Russ, Duffy, Jess and Durke who named their band after the elusive tiger found only in the French Alps of their native South Wales. They describe their music as “music that reminds them of being kids and playing shows that remind you too. Mixing fun energetic rhythms with raw melodies, wavey guitars and lyrics about your mum.” Well… you get the drift, right?!

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