Family Mart – For Eric

Family Mart – For Eric

Austin-based Family Mart is the brand-new project of Mike Lee who used to be a member of Letting Up Despite Great Faults and Fanclub. Family Mart released debut single “For Eric“on August the 20th: an upbeat indiepop track perfectly balances dreampop, postpunk and twee. The tweepop-part mainly and notably present in the boy/girl interaction between Mike and of guileless guest vocals of ft. Ali Wagner of the indieband Hex Boyfriend (also based in Austin). I personally think she should permanently join the family, because it just adds the nice extra layer of depth that I often miss with similar bands. “For Eric” is about song Mike‘s favorite uncle who passed away from leukemia 3 years ago: “he has helped me mark this creative rebirth, so to speak. This song was literally titled “One” initially because it was the first song I wrote in this new beginning. I never got to say goodbye to him so this was kind of my way of doing that”

Mike Lee elaborates further on the new project and the future of it during these dire circumstances: “quarantine has kind of led me to this space and I was able to find the voice I really wanted to convey right now in Family Mart. It’s weird starting a new band at this time, I’m starting it with 2 of my closest friends, Daniel Schmidt and Daniel Hawkins, but it’s really based with the primary thought of playing live. Maybe it’s hopeful, maybe it’s musically over optimistic to think that way right now…or maybe it’s just that I miss live music that makes me want to think about music only in that way right now.

For lovers of : The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, Daywave, Best Coast

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