Inner Oceans – Islands 777

Inner Oceans – Islands 777

Amongst the many submissions this blog gets, sometimes a song just jumps out waiting to be heard! “Islands 777″ is one of those tracks that just hits those right notes, and chords. It’s a beautiful blend of psychey bedroompop, with waves of chamber-pop piano, strident shoegaze and some drum ‘n bass thrown in for good measure. It has the dichotomic aura of superficial calm and substratal yearnings. 

Inner Oceans has been the expeditionary satellite to LA-based songwriter and producer, Griffith Snyder, who also happens to be founder of New Kid Records. Snyder describes the music of Inner Oceans as “mid-fi headphone landscapes balance genre-bending sonic textures with pop. Each song searches for its own ghost. I wanted to make songs that my 10 year old self would think are rad.

Islands 777″,  sadly, is the final release for the Inner Oceans project which has been running for 7 years. Snyder will be starting a new project at the end of this month. Snyder: “ Islands 777” is one of my favorite tracks to come out of Inner Oceans. This project has had two iterations: the first during 2013-2016 when it was a 5 piece band. Then I ended up moving to LA from Denver to start a project with my then wife. Inner Oceans became my solo project and producer moniker from 2017 until present.”  Let’s hope Snyder continues along the same lines as this gorgeous track.

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