Ferns – Auf Wiedersehen

The best and the most happy-pill,  jangly indie-pop seems to be coming from Asia these days: they seem to have a pretty keen ear for the nostalgic sounds of 80’s indie/sophistipop/tweepop, and 90’s dreampop/shoegaze influences, blending it to their own little sweet and wide-eyed wonderland sound. Malaysia-based indie pop band Ferns are a great example of this sound. After almost a decade since their sophomore LP,  Fairweather Friends, Ferns are announcing new music in the form of a new 4 -track EP under the title of Navalgazing to be released on August 29th.

Today the band is sharing the first single Auf Wiedersehen created by Ferns’ members Abigail De Vries and Warren Chan. Chan: “the single is a sparkling concoction of jangly indie-pop that conveys the yearning for escape to an idealised holiday destination, away from the loneliness and drudgery of daily existence. Its video frames this theme as a video diary, told through the point of view of a lost ocean explorer.” Enjoy!

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