Margot – Walk With Me

Ugh, I am way behind on this beautiful release. 12 days to be precise! I have just been so busy with my own releases and was so underwhelmed by all the submissions I got, that I just took a break. Obviously this means missing out on some good stuff, like the new gorgeous single by Margot.

We introduced Margot in 2018 on here (Margot – Desensitised) and have kept track ever since because they just fail to make anything bland or ugly. The London-based outfit released a debut EP early this year, but waste no time, and already present us with some new material. Walk With Me is mellow, atmospheric jangle-pop with some firm roots in 70s folk: setting out gently -landscapes passing by, sunrays filtered by trees – and building up towards more psychedelic fuzzworks and then stops quite abruptly, asking to be to played again, and again. Perfect summer track!

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