Divine Sweater – Ten Year Plan

Divine Sweater – Ten Year Plan

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns may have ground much of the music world to a halt in 2020, but Boston dream pop quintet Divine Sweater haven’t let world events put a dent their productivity. Scarcely a month and a half ago the band released “Looking For You (Everywhere)”, their first single since last year’s debut album Human Love. Not content to simply be prolific songwriters, now they’re giving us their “Ten Year Plan”. Perhaps it’s a perk of being an independent self produced band these days that has allowed them to work around the usual recording processes.

Guitarist and vocalist Sean Seaver tells FadeAwayRadiateTen Year Plan” is about setting goals and convincing yourself you have a plan, but underestimating the time involved and the mistakes you make along the way. It began as a self-deprecating take on Divine Sweater’s own musical ambitions but along the way the song expanded to lament the existential dread over our burning planet and ineffective leaders. While the subject matter may seem heavy, vocalist Meghan Kelleher gives the lyrics an optimistic twist as if the obstacles are all part of the process as she’s “moving through life like a hurricane”. Musically “Ten Year Plan” begins with a simple indie pop riff, but as the song unfolds new elements are added creating a rich tapestry of keyboards, trumpets and a mixture of acoustic and electric instruments. In this collage each band member finds a niche to shine with Kelleher’s gigantic harmonies glueing everything together.

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