Knower – Different Lives

Knower – Different Lives

Knower hasn’t released anything for a while. In the meantime we had to do with the solo projects of Genevieve Artadi and Louis Cole. But the magic happens when these two join forces, so my jaw literally dropped when I got this release/reissue of a bonus track in my inbox. It dropped even more more when I listened to the full track. “Different Lives” has the same fragile and overwhelming quality that “Cry Tomorrow, Laugh Today” and “Where You Are” have: that feeling of landing somewhere in heaven on a soft cloud, when the storm has died and goodbyes are said. The feeling of total recognition and tears welling up in your eyes at the end of it, when you resume breathing.

Knower need no introduction, no category. What they do is unrivalled, unprecedented, and one of a kind. Just make sure before you listen to have your headphones on and your eyes shut…

(“Different Lives” is a reissue of a Japanese bonus track of the album Life, it had an issue with being only 1:10 long, as opposed to the 3:45 it should have been)

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