The Shop Window – Mannequin Lies

The Shop Window – Mannequin Lies

Mannequin Lies”, released today,  is the debut single from British band The Shop Window and the first glimpse of their upcoming album The State of Being Human. Fans of C86 and early Creation Records will find a lot to love in the abundance of jangly guitars and vocal harmonies from Carl Mann and Simon Oxlee.

The Shop Window: “The song came from thinking about how we humans have a Shop Window, where we can display on the outside what we want the world to see and think of us. Within ourselves (the Shop), we can be holding on to and hiding all manner of anxiety,dark feelings and thoughts, no-one has any idea. Particularly men, who seem genetically programmed (hunter/protector) to be unable to express or talk about their depression as it could be seen as a sign of weakness. Opening the door to love does indeed let in the light and dispense of lurking shadows. I hope the song can provide some comfort to those who have felt like me in the past. Knowing that there is light and hope to be found, if you open the door and let people see inside the shop. They might just be able to help clear out some of the junk…. ”

Maybe their nostalgic sound isn’t exactly reinventing the wheel, but as a lively slice of retro pop you can’t ask for much more than this.

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