The Churchill Garden – We Can Dream

The Churchill Garden – We Can Dream

On April 16 Andy Jossi and Krissy Vanderwoude from The Churchill Garden released a remarkable project called “We Can Dream” as a contribution to a compilation called “Songs from Quarantine”, available exclusively on Bandcamp and an initiative of Sara Barry from Teen Idle. The profits of this compilation are donated to the World Health Organization for Covid-19 relief efforts. Some people from the dreampop/shoegaze community were asked to contribute to this poignant song and beautiful Godley & Creme-like video. We talked to Krissy and Sara about the project

Krissy Vanderwoude: “Andy and I were very honored when Sara reached out and asked if we would like to be a part of this comp. I loved the idea and most certainly wanted to be a part of the cause. Her request for submission was just that it was an original song, written while we were in quarantine. Before she had even asked, Andy had sent me a little portion of a song idea that he was working on and it was done on his acoustic guitar. After listening, I told him how much I had always dreamed of working on an acoustic song together, as something that would be more intimate and stripped down, in comparison to the songs we had previously done together. Once Sara asked us to be a part of this, I instantly thought that this might be the perfect time for Andy and I to work on a song like this together. Being that it felt like everything in life had recently been stripped away from all of us anyway, it seemed very appropriate! I wanted to write lyrics that were specific to the feelings I was experiencing under quarantine and bring them to life in a song. This comp seemed like the perfect home for it. Andy finished writing the song structure and created a beautiful canvas for me to paint those lyrics and melodies on. It took us about a week, from start to finish, and “We Can Dream” was born. After the song was done, Andy thought about creating a video. Initially, the idea was just to do a short teaser video, to be used on social media as promotion for the song and comp release. Somewhere during that process he came up with the idea to do a longer video, with this concept, morphing the faces of one person into another. As he learned what kind of software and tools he would need to achieve that, we began reaching out to some of our musician friends to see if they’d like to be a part of this project. Once they agreed, we asked them to take pictures of themselves in quarantine. He had to find a way to create consistency with all of the images, so that they would flow together in the video, despite the fact that he was working with a very different range in photo quality, lighting and resolution. Andy only had about 4 days to pull this all together, and spent over 20 hours doing so, but I think he did a beautiful job with it!”

People in the video are all pro-active in shoegaze/dreampop music:

Andrew Rose, Hans Diener, Olivia Willson-Piper, Marty Willson-Piper, Nico Beatastic, Ben Aylward, Hideka Ufo,Neil Burkdoll, Estella Rosa, Nicolas Castello, Brenna Cavanaugh, Mark Burgess, Cory Osborne, Erick Pineda, April Zimont, Jack Sobel, Stacie Lynne, Dirk Knight, Jamie Lambert, Tom Lugo, Nat Chippy, Owen Murphy, Greg Wilson, Daylily Alvarez, Jason Lamoreaux, Alexander Donat, Scary Lady Sarah, Rachel Goswell, Eva M. Lopez, Gardy Perez Ruiz, Maxime Wingender, Sara Barry, Lashaan Everett, Philly Peroxide

Sarah Barry: “About a month ago when Covid-19 first started to seem like a major concern in New Jersey, I woke up with this strange creative hunger and really just wanted to throw myself into some sort of project to pass the time in quarantine. As the pandemic became more and more serious, I felt for those at the front lines of the crisis and and wished I could help. I also realized that so many musicians, especially those who tour as a livelihood, were now left without much to do; so I figured, since we’re all in the same predicament, other songwriters probably want to involve themselves in a project too. After realizing this, I reached out to some of my musician friends and asked them if they wanted to contribute to a quarantine compilation benefitting Covid-19 relief efforts. I was shocked at how eager they were to get involved. Still, after having some musicians from NJ on board, the scale of the project didn’t seem big enough to me, so I spent the day on Bandcamp looking for some of the best songwriting I could find from indie artists, specifically internationally. I found myself looking up such specific keywords on the website, like “Egyptian underground rock,” but at the end of the day this specificity somehow led me to some awesome artists. I’m honestly just grateful that the artists involved joined me in creating this album and trusted me with their songs and this project. I hope as many people as possible purchase this album, since all the money will be donated to the World Health Organization’s Covid-19 Response Fund. And I just want to thank all of you who support this project, and the songwriters involved, who’ve helped create a sense of togetherness and community in this social distancing time.”

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