Juliper Sky – Infinite Jets

Juliper Sky – Infinite Jets

For most of us this spring has seemingly been put on hold thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic and its resulting national lockdowns. Here, to bring calmness to the chaos, is Juliper Sky returning with their most thrilling single yet, and only a little over a month since they released their brilliant Visions of a New Age EP. Like fellow famous Mancunian bands of decades past, Juliper Sky has quickly gained an international following based on the strength of their early singles. “Infinite Jets” catches your attention with it’s sky-scraping guitars and soaring vocals, each swimming in oceans of reverb. The expansive world Juliper Sky builds is matched only by the anthemic quality of the song, something frequently missing from music in these times. While the vocals sit further back in mix and can be difficult to make out, they are built around hopeful themes about how the future is what we make it with singer Jamie Lambert repeating the mantra “Life is just begun”.

Juliper Sky couldn’t have anticipated the state the world would be in when they first wrote “Infinite Jets”, but it’s a message that’s sure to connect with listeners as well as marking another step in Juliper Sky’s progress to being one of the new decade’s most exciting dreampop acts.

For fans of: Slowdive, Verve, The Daysleepers

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