Blue Canopy – Always

Blue Canopy – Always

Portland/US-based band Blue Canopy is led by former Modern Rivals keyboardist/singer and co-songwriter Alex Schiff who, in the past, has shared the stage with bands such as Ra Ra Riot, Stars, and The Black Keys. Blue Canopy‘s 4-track EP “Mild Anxiety” was released on April 17th, and Alex has been sharing the songs around a bit. He sent me the beautiful track “Always” which I decided was too good not to share with you.  “Always” is a waltzy track that starts introspectively, then builds to an irresistible chorus, aided by sweet backing vocals and an anthemic fuzz guitar, repeating the mantric “Stay close to me“: kind of the opposite of what people are doing right now, but it sounds hopeful.

On theirMild AnxietyEP Blue Canopy has combined the forces of versatile songwriting skills and timeless melodies to form its 4 distinct songs that employ nostalgic sounds as a means to move forward and create something new. “Mild Anxiety” was co-produced by Patrick J Smith (A Beacon School/Modern Rivals). The EP was released on Fat Possum label offshoot Grind Select.

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