Benzo Beneluxo – Come On Home

Benzo Beneluxo – Come On Home

I don’t post many bands from my own part of the world, which really doesn’t mean that nothing decent is being made in The Netherlands. I guess it’s more to do with the fact that dreampop has never been a big thing here. During the last few years, some interesting dreampop/indie/bedroompop acts have slipped inside my radar (Meadow Lake, Moon Tapes, The Day, Dakota etc.) and Benzo Beneluxo is the latest one to do so.

Benzo Beneluxo is the dreamy bedroom-pop solo project of Koen Fris, who has kept busy in the Dutch music scene over the past few years (Make Out Molly, The Hedrens). Benzo Beneluxo saw the light during the summer of 2017 “driving through the Benelux returning from vacation, feeling revived after having had a week of the best sleep for months and all without the aid of Benzodiazepines, it was a turning point in Koen’s life.”

The first single/video to release by Benzo Beneluxo is “Come On Home“: a laidback lofi/bedroompop ditty in the style of De Marco, Alex Calder and Ducktails, which I hear a lot, but this one stood out. “Come On Home” is a seemingly foreseeable road that makes some unexpected twists and takes us along, swaying in directions with exquisite views and dropping into a driving beat, taking the listener on a journey watching a “poor odyssey” play out to a loved one, while they are without any awareness of harm. Koen: “I guess it’s just kind of helpless advice to someone, you can go down that path but when you see it for what it really is then at least know home is here for you.

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