Wolf & Moon – The Road

Wolf & Moon – The Road

The world is in bad state right now: scenes we held impossible are unfolding right in front of us, and it feels like a waking nightmare, but luckily we still have people that make music. Some people make gorgeous music. The kind that makes you appreciate the beauty of the stillness in time and life in the moment. Wolf & Moon‘s new single’s captures just that: it depicts us an image of an empty road of unknown origin and destiny. The voices of Stefany and Dennis tell us a story as old as the earth, as they meander around each other like fauns, and blend with shimmery and howling guitars, sprinkled over a pace as steady and slow as the walk of horse.

Wolf & Moon call themselves a “traveling duo making folky pop with electronic sprinkles”. Their album ‘Before It Gets Dark’ was recorded when they packed their whole life into one car, and went off for a long summer in the woods of Sweden. They create their dreamy folk-infused indie with a minimal set-up, suitable for a road trip: a travel guitar, a drum computer and a mini casio keyboard and their distinctive voices. I wish I had the guts to do what they do… back to basics, back to what matters most…


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