Typsy Panthre – The Strange Thing

Typsy Panthre – The Strange Thing


Typsy Panthre is the Minneapolis based recording duo Allison LaBonne and John Crozier who make music that they like to describe as “pop folk-tronic”. Their sophomore album “Hellwas released in November last year on Korda Records. The album draws its name from the cover photo, taken by bandmember John Crozier, of a gas station with a missing S in its name: “Hell” reflects current events, particularly in regards to  the current US GOP Administration.

New single “The Strange Thing”, befittingly starts off sounding like a Twin Peaks soundtrack, with a film noir aura and twangy dark surf guitars gliding forth until the track picks up and becomes a mesmerising, moonstruck waltz, residing somewhere between Cocteau Twins and Broadcast. Somewhere between Heaven or Las Vegas.

The video for “The Strange Thing” emphasises and elaborates on the outré theme: it feels like watching an eerie tv show, with a president/presenter as something odd, and almost inhuman.  Typsy Panthre: “the video characterizes the Chief of State as a dancing cat, unserious, distracting, absurd, abusive, and devilishly stirring up trouble. Singer Allison removes her American flag sweater to reveal a Russian flag t-shirt beneath, as if to ask who is in charge, here? The giant bubble she blows immediately afterward seems to diminish the sincerity and legitimacy of either symbol, and evokes the bubble of unreality we live in, a bubble perpetuated by the Republican administration’s ceaseless flow of distractions, blame shifting, fear mongering, and lies. The bubble is, as bubbles are, fragile. The bubble bursting is a moment of hope.”

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