Strawberry Generation – When You Were Here And I Was Sad

Strawberry Generation – When You Were Here And I Was Sad

Strawberry Generation is an international collaboration and indie-pop outfit formed in Providence (US), with band-members from Singapore, Belgium, and the USA. The band-name is derived from a Chinese expression that mocks today’s young people for being too soft, coddled and easily-bruised. The band started out as a duo with Luk Yean (guitar, vocals) and Valerie Zhu (vocals, saxophone), and has been joined by Dan Davis (guitar), Max Naftol (bass) and Alejandro Subiotto Marqués (drums).

Second single from Strawberry Generation’s debut album Afloat (both released on Valentine’s day on Sunday Records), When You Were Here And I Was Sad, is a sweet, twee indie-pop tune laced with some jangle, quirky and unpredictable time signatures and honey-dewed vocals. The track was written and recorded in Providence, produced and mixed in Singapore (with members of Sobs and Cosmic Child), and the video was shot in the UK while the band was on their first ever international tour playing at Indietracks 2019.

Valerie: “I came up with WYWH&IWS in two parts during my last year of college: I wrote the chorus as I was walking to to Luk’s apartment one day, and the verses and arrangement came together while I was away for winter break. I recorded the first demo in a hotel room on an earbud microphone, so the vocals sounded quite timid and breathy. We ended up liking that, so we kept the style for our final vocal takes.The arrival of bad situations or influences can be out of our control, but I’ve often found that I’m also to blame for keeping them around. This song is a nod to the (usually irrational) reasons that I’ve stayed in bad situations, as well as the (usually dangerous) feeling that maybe I was happier back when I was sadder.”

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