EGOISM – You, You

EGOISM – You, You

Australian indiepop duo EGOISM (the result of the teenage friendship and shared musical inspirations between Scout Eastment and Olive Rush) were introduced on Fadeawayradiate around a year ago when they released their single “Enemies”. A year and a few singles down the line, in the new decade, they come back with a brand-new track entitled “You, You“: a zesty, classic indie-pop track with a catchy chorus, plenty of power-riffs and pop sensibilities to give it enough potential to reach a broader indie audience. EGOISM are set to release their long awaited second EP, On Our Minds, later this year. The single release will be followed by a co-headline national tour with Pinkish Blu, and festival appearances at Farmer and The Owl, and Meadow.

You You” tackles leaving toxic relationship. Scout Eastment :“There was someone in my life causing me a lot of pain and I wrote this when I was finally trying to get away. It’s crazy how hard it is to let go, especially when you still really care for the other person. I kind of find it hard to leave anything and not feel responsible. Olive was going through something really similar at the time, so we were able to really come together and help each other through writing this song.”

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