Hause Plants – City Vocabulary

Hause Plants – City Vocabulary

Hailing from Lisbon Portugal, DIY bedroom pop artist Guilherme Correia writes and records as Hause Plants and perform live as a three piece. Drawing from the urgency of post punk and the atmospheric landscapes of shoegaze, Hause Plants deliver all the fuzzed out guitars and reverb-soaked vocals fans of these genres could want.

City Vocabulary” is Correia’s first single as Hause Plants and appears in advance of their Public Speaking EP due out later this year.  Delicate vocals aided by female harmonies detail a snapshot of a long distance relationship through the eyes of carefree youth trying to brush aside a lingering sense of anxiety. In contrast, the music has an upbeat energy that was made for the live stage carried by a punchy bass that’s catchy enough to get your head bobbing. The song is bookended by frantic and dissonant guitar riffs that will almost make you forget this isn’t a full band rocking out.

Many bedroom DIY artists these days capably tackle the wistful introspective side of dreampop, but lo-fi bands of the ‘90s bands like Pavement and Guided by Voices had a raucous unhinged energy to them. That may not be what Hause Plants are going for, but Correia manages to channel some of his DIY predecessors and put that fun back into bedroom pop music with “City Vocabulary”.

For Fans of:  Foliage, Diiv, Cloud Nothings

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