Cuesta Loeb – Immerse Inverse

Cuesta Loeb – Immerse Inverse

Another shoegaze track applying the same formulaic sonic tricks we have heard many times before? It sounds a bit like that at the start of Cuesta Loeb‘s new single “Immerse Inverse“, but then, around the 0:24 mark, the vocals stream in like liquid sunlight and open up aural possibilities. The characteristic combination of the heavenly, sultry vocals and the punchy, steady beats will instantly activate the Curve sensors in all shoegaze fans, and the coalescence of the haunting noise melodies sprayed with mists of hazy and ethereal, make us feel like, in Cuesta Loeb, we might have found the return of the old Tamaryn that we loved so much, and kind of lost to experimental dark-wave stuff.

Christina on “Immerse Inverse”: “It’s been hard to remain optimistic recently, but still every once in a while I feel a shift in perspective, in my reality, that feels open, carefree, and childlike. I experience a world with magic, endless possibilities and overwhelming gratitude for glimpses at a time. Living inside of that realm is incredibly hard in a world where so many things feel so wrong. This song lives in that place of everything good.”

New York based singer Christina Cuesta Loeb comes from a musical background. She was born as a daughter to jazz-guitarist Chuck Loeb and Spanish singer-songwriter/actress Carmen Cuesta, and grew up between the US and Spain, studying classical music. She was, however, unable to find her voice in that and moved to Los Angeles to begin experimenting in her own songwriting and production. Later on, she joined forces with LA based guitarist/producer, Blake Straus : “Blake Straus and I immediately connected musically. He is an incredible producer and multi-instrumentalist. We recorded our first track together shortly after meeting on a group run with friends in 2016. We ended up living a few doors away from each other in an apartment complex in Los Feliz, which made writing and recording at our home studios very fun.” After releasing a string of singles together over the next couple of years, we decided to do an EP of songs that we co-wrote and developed together. “Immerse Inverse” is the single from that project. The EP “Grass It Grows” will be out later this month.”

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