Matt Ryder – Hours

Matt Ryder – Hours

Matt Ryder is a 16 year old producer and songwriter from Birmingham, UK, who makes music in his bedroom like a lot of young people these days. He is a bit of a mystery. Info on him is hard to find, but you have to hand it to him: being able to do this at 16 is quite a feat!

“Hours” is a moody, mellow track with a jazzy, retro feel and hiphop-beats. Matt is clearly inspired by King Krule et al. , but the production is more glossy, more electro-R&B-based, less recalcitrant but equally nonchalant. Charming.

Matt about his “50FT” EP: “Within the EP you can see my musical journey through the months of creation, at the age of 15 I finished this EP and I can hear in every track a different journey of musical discovery. As I say I feel lucky to be able to explore these teenage ‘struggles’ but also real-life feelings with people and showcase my musical process of discovery and development. The name ‘50FT’ is really up for interpretation but for me, it shows a contrast, sometimes you can feel like you’re flying 50FT high, or buried 50FT below.”

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