Shaky Shack – In Honey

Shaky Shack – In Honey

Shaky Shack are Alex Winter and Mateusz Kosnik, a Dublin based duo making organic bedroom-pop. Their 2018 debut single “Selfish Fever” was a taste of their fresh, genre-bending aesthetic.

This their second single “In Honey” was released on 8th November 2019, marking the pair’s evolution into a more experimental and mature sound. The track starts off as something slow-paced, ultra-chilly and lo-fi, but the dreamy synth-sorcery in the chorus unexpectedly throws us off-track, and straight into space. Stars soaring by and kaleidoscopic scenes unfolding. Trippy moodsetter!

For lovers of : Hovvdy, King Krule, Small Black.

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