Pure Moods – Tide

Wanna hear a perfect, classic jangle-tune? The kind you thought you only last heard in the 90’s, from let’s say, Blake Babies or Pavement? Ok. You simply have to listen to “Tide” by this new project called Pure Moods from Melbourne, Australia: it’s effortless ripples of chimey guitar, a catchy af riff,  nonchanlant vocals and naive, girly backings. It’s candid, sweet and short. It’s a faster Big Thief’s “Mythologcal Beauty“. It’s the male equivalent of Hazel English. It’s what I wanna hear!

“Tide” is the new Pure Moods single taken from forthcoming album Upward Spiral: a selection of home recordings put together between 2016-2019, and chronicles a series of “ditties, ideas and concepts” motivated by the liberty of self-recording”. Pure Moods is the recording moniker of Adam Madric who has previously played in various Melbourne outfits (Bad Family, Closet Straights, Pearl Bay, to name a few) before this, his solo project. I expect marvels from him.

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