Fascinations Grand Chorus – Would It Be

Fascinations Grand Chorus – Would It Be

Fascinations Grand Chorus are two songwriters, created as an audio experiment of pop-stylings. Despite their differences, Stephanie Cupo (vocals/keyboards) and Andrew Pierce (drums) have bonded over “their love of The Beach Boys, The Misfits, 1910 Fruitgum Company and certain antiquated arcade games“. Each release could be viewed as  competition, rather than a friendly challenge, but, in the end, all for the greater good of pushing their songwriting boundaries

Fascinations Grand Chorus released their debut album, Presentations of Electrical Confectionery on 11/01/19: a 10 track release of sweet sunshine-pop treats. The single “Would It Be” is a delightful mix of 60’s sunshine and surfpop, with a bridge that is heavily reminiscent of Saint Etienne. A palatable smorgasbord for all you retro lovers out there!!

For Lovers of:  Saint Etienne, Beach Boys, Remington Super 60, The Misfits.

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