Shelter Boy – Let ‘m Go

Doodling on guitars whilst never losing focus of the actual song“: that is the basis for German Simon Graupner aka Shelter Boy’s music. Shelter Boy sounds like a lazy Sunday afternoon: the languid vocals follow a simple melody along clean, sophisticated guitar patterns. Everything is arranged casually without feeling too arbitrary: guitar in the foreground but enough space for some pervasive grooves.

On September 27th single “Let ‘m Go” was released. Shelter Boy, like Puma Blue, is clearly making music in the tradition of the likes of King Krule and Aztec Camera, but without sounding too “noir” and self-absorbed. “Let ‘m Go” feels poppy, and the beats are fetching and in perfect balance with the (rhythm) guitar, which makes it stand out as something more than just any dupe of this sort of nonchalant-lo-fi-jazzy sound.  With a nice dreampoppy chorus that lifts the song and the influence of Mac de Marco never far off, it makes it a delightful little mashup. I enjoyed it!

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