Fadeawayradiate Guesthow at DKFM Shoegaze Radio

Fadeawayradiate Guesthow at DKFM Shoegaze Radio

Some of you might have caught it, but it was tricky with everyone being awake at different hours on this planet etc. I was asked quite often for the Mixcloud link but so finally, here it is!! The plan is to do seasonal shows and this one was the very first episode, dedicated to Summer and officially aired on July 8th 2019, On DKFM Shoegaze Radio.

Many thanks to Greg Wilson for trusting me to do this!

Enjoy these bands and don’t forget to support them!

The first in an irregular series: join DJ Estella Rosa of the Fadeawayradiate Blog, as she spins up dream pop and jangle guaranteed to soothe the frayed spirit. It’s like a bubble bath for the soul. Join Estella as she spins up sparkling sounds from Bolinas, Hovvdy, Epic45, Skinshape, orchid mantis, morabeza tobacco, Savage Sister, Real Estate, Ruby Haunt, Sunbeam Sound Machine, Yumi Zouma, and Hazel English. Original airdate: 8 July 2019. Preserved here for its natural healing properties.“(Greg Wilson)

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