Stray Fossa – Eyze

Stray Fossa – Eyze

Charlottesville / Virginia 3-piece dream-pop project Stray Fossa released a debut EP (Sleeper Strip) in September 2018, and now follow up on their last single “Swells” with a brand-new song called “Eyze.” Stray Fossa was formed in 2108, consists of the brothers Nick and Will Evans and Zach Blount and their first releases – all concocted in their attic studio  – gained some attention from blogs and ended up on some great indie playlists.

Eyze” is mesmeric and sober, and has a steady pace and beautifully layered harmonies. It has echoes of the Cure and DIIV at the same time, which one can imagine, isn’t a bad thing. The song builds and loops gently until it breaks up seamlessly into psychey, sped-up bridge that brings suspense and depth into the track that otherwise would have probably “rocked” us to sleep… lovely stuff. Keep your eye on on this band, they get better with every release!

Stray Fossa about “Eyze” : “our drummer ran off into his room to arrange vocal harmonies around a bass hook without telling the bassist. Fortunately everyone was happy with the result, and thus “Eyze” was born— a song-thing about the frustration of creating under pressure and the fleeting nature of inspiration that comes and goes before one has the chance to channel it into anything meaningfully productive. The middle bridge was arranged by the guitarist, who fought hard to keep it at a full 32 bars.”


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