Gardens of Capri – Let Go

Gardens of Capri – Let Go

Gardens of Capri were founded in last year by Amy Elizabeth Jarrett (originally from California) and her German partner Julian Scharpf, who describe their sound as an “interpretation of the west coast sound of the late 70’s as well as excellent modern pop songwriting combine influences by Fleetwood Mac, The XX and Parcels in a way that hasn’t been heard as of yet.

They release their first single “Let Go” today, on July 12th. “Let Go” is a sultry daytime disco ditty that instantly brings back memories of the best of Chic. The verses unmistakably bear Bernard Edwards’ trademark bass-lines and Nile Rodgers’ billowy funk-guitar, all enriched by a catchy, almost anthemic chorus, soothing retro synth effects and, of course, the essential handclaps. The couple remind me a bit of the Swedish duo Morabeza Tobacco, only more poppy and less trippy, their image more 80’s glam Yacht-rock than 70’s shady Cuban. I am just happy that there’s a lot of good stuff coming out of at the moment!

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