Capitol – Blondie

Capitol – Blondie

Sometimes we get overloaded with things. Work. Our hobbies. Our obligations. I haven’t had much of a creative streak in me lately, I’ll be honest. But sometimes, something reaches you at just the right moment…

Estella contacted me with a message regarding a new band Capitol (previously UK Cinema) to check out: “They will have an album out in October and have a single that I think you’ll enjoy”. So, I figured I would give it a listen….

First, those guitar lines: shoegazey, dreamy hooks get right into you. It’s that whirling fuzz, hot tub fizz, loud but welcoming – a different kind of beautiful, that only the best in the genre can bring. I’m fully digging it but then the stream of consciousness type lyrics kick in. That’s when …I. Cannot. Get. Enough: “Taxi, Backseat, Bubble gum, whiskey …. feverish, clarity – bittersweet symphony.”

I keep rewinding the YouTube scroll bar. I want to pick out more of this story, I need to decipher more of these lyrics. I am totally enamored with the way it’s written.

A few more thoughts when listening to this song about 1,000 times: I’m a sucker for catchy pop culture inspired lyrics.This band should open for Airiel. This song is just sooo fun and will have you to wanting to listen over and over…I have found my Shoegaze Summer Jam! It’s a banger. Friends, I am telling you. Do not miss this one.

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