Tugboat Captain – Be Strong, Smoke Less

Tugboat Captain – Be Strong, Smoke Less

London bedroom-pop ensemble Tugboat Captain are a crew of friends and family that record, rehearse and release music from a terraced house in South London. The band have gathered attention across the DIY pop community through their relentless touring, videos and bitter-sweet pop tunes. Variously compared to Belle and Sebastian and The Wave Pictures the band have garnered a reputation for their riotous live shows. The band have managed to accumulate over 500,000 streams on their Spotify, significant international radio play and a feature on Netflix Original series Terrace House.

Be Strong, Smoke Less” is their brand new single, released on March 15th, and it stole my heart instantly. It has all those elements that make you fall in love with a good-old, twee-pop song: humour, endearing & earnest boy-girl vocals, dreamy jangle-guitar and pretty, sweeping instrumental adornments. It just makes you realise how much we miss bands like Belle and Sebastian and Camera Obscura: bands that never failed to bring us that much needed ray of sunshine and a smile on your face. “Be Strong, Smoke Less” is written around a conversation between frontman Alexander Sokolow and his mother. Alex: “the track addresses the difficulties of trying to be the best person you can be for somebody else whilst similarly wrestling with the fact that that task is always somewhat impossible“. Having toured the track extensively over the last year “Be Strong, Smoke Less” has already become a firm fan favourite!

For lovers of Belle and Sebastian, The Pastels, The Wave Pictures, Camera Obscura etc.

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