Max Gowan – Mylena

Max Gowan – Mylena

Max Gowan is a 22-year old student who has been releasing bedroompop since he was 17. He grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina, and started playing guitar when he was 8 years old. Max: “In high school, I would come home and try to record almost every day after school my senior year. That resulted in me releasing my first album right before graduating, and I’ve put out several albums since then throughout college“.  Max records all instruments himself, but his friends in college started helping out to play live shows for the songs at different basements and bar venues in DC.

The song “Mylena” is off of his latest release, the album “Bygones” which came out February 15th on cassette label Z Tapes. It’s a waltzy, fragile jangly dream-pop tune with a folky tinge. The chorus is adorned by subtle dabs of piano that tiptoe and spiral around the strumming and Max‘ husky vocals chanting a girl’s name like a forlorn mantra. Sheer beauty!

Max on “Mylena“: “I like leaving my lyrics open to interpretation, but the song is sort of a loose narrative about a girl who was picked on in elementary school, told through the eyes of a narrator who is looking back and wishing they’d befriended the student”.

Make sure to check out the rest of “Bygones”

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